We want to create a brand that aims to present products that have a more stylish and aesthetic design, which can move and give flexibility to education and the business world instead of old, standard, bulky products.


Let your classes gain movement thanks to their durable, modular, movable structures with innovative educational furniture ...


With more than a hundred product options, we are everywhere where education is, with an understanding of production that does not compromise on quality, from educational furniture to educational technologies.


We bring new experiences to its users with innovative solutions that combine analog and digital in educational technologies ...

To be the first company that comes to mind in designing educational products.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing innovative products without sacrificing quality.

Emko Emaye A.S., founded in Istanbul in 1979, founded the educational materials sector by producing products that appeal only to the fields of education. Emko produced Turkey’s first enamel boards, the dust-free chalk boards, the white enamel boards, plastic-bottomed student desks, polyurethane (soft-edged) edged student desks, magnetic glass boards and Turkey’s first smart boards and training walls (wall with a writeable surface).

Emko, began producing Turkey’s first domestic brand Emkotech smart boards in 2008 . The domestic smart board received its full support at TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).


Emko grouped all school furniture and visual communication and whiteboards under the Emko main brand, while grouping smart boards under the Emkotech brand. As of 2016, Emko started to sell Emkotech special system smart boards along with interactive whiteboards.

In 2017, Emko became the industry leader in the sales of interactive flat panel displays. In the same year, Emko started to produce with designs that will make a difference in educational furniture.

Emko, which has different sales networks in the country, managed to reach many points by making sales through its dealers and field team. In addition to the Istanbul headquarters, it opened its Ankara office in 2018.

Emko, which gives great importance to exports, sells to many countries abroad. Emko also produces contract writing boards for companies producing educational materials in Europe. Emko aims to increase its sales channels in Europe with its Estonian branch opened in 2019.