Walking Educations Walls

Walking Educations Walls

Tailored to your needs…


Walking education walls work as a divider for your space and provides a writable surface. It may be used in front of cabinets or storages, also they may be used to divide rooms with writable seperators.


Ceramic Steel Surface Options

The surfaces of all our ceramic steel writing boards are guaranteed for 50 years. Ceramic steel surfaces are resistant to scratch or any kind of damage even when its subjected to impact, flame or extreme sunshine.


White Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

Blue Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

Green Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

90×300 cm01 YEÇ 0930Double SidedWHITE
90×300 cm11 YEÇ 0930Double SidedGREEN
90×300 cm21 YEÇ 0930Double SidedBLUE
90×300 cm41 YEÇ 0930Double SidedBLACK
90×300 cm01 YET 0930Single SidedWHITE
90×300 cm11 YET 0930Single SidedGREEN
90×300 cm21 YET 0930Single SidedBLUE
90×300 cm41 YET 0930Single SidedBLACK
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