Emko Line Desk Plus

Emko Line Desk Plus

More flexible classes with the Line+!


The desks that do not allow flexibility in the classes prevent the students from learning easily and disrupt the body’s ergonomic structure. The growth of healthy individuals starts from ergonomic and flexible class.


Emko Line+ will create active working spaces in the classroom thanks to its special wheel system.

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Personalized desks to each individual


The desks that restrict your mobility, do not stretch, cannot be adjusted, and is not suitable for your height tend to disrupt your comfort and body anatomy. Uniform desks are produced according to certain standards, not according to individuals, which requires tall individuals to sit in the back row and shorter individuals to sit in the back.


Emko Line+ not only provides a flexible classroom environment; it also allows the person to adjust the height according to their size, according to the structure. To improve mobility, we recommend using Emko Line+ desks and Alto chairs together.

    On Wheels

    Specially designed frame with integrated wheels will allow users to move it freely.

    Plastic Trays

    Consider the plastic tray instead of the standard wire tray for a more functional usage.

    Metal Frame

    Manufactured according to metal Ral colors.


    Front Curtain

    Manufactured according to wood color chart.



    Produced as gray compact laminate.

    No:450×70 cmOne person, Height: 64 cmM-3LS-T04
    No:550×70 cmOne person, Height: 70 cmM-3LS-T05
    No:650×70 cmOne person, Height: 76 cmM-3LS-T06


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