Wall Mounted Black Ceramic Steel Writing Board

Wall Mounted Black Ceramic Steel Writing Board


Relive the nostalgia with Emko


The nostalgic product that emerges with the natural appearance of black enamel and the combination of the sincerity of wood will add elegance to our spaces.


The nostalgic black enamel board can be made with a special wooden frame or with an optional aluminum frame with an optional anodized aluminum frame. Black steel ceramic enamel surfaces can be written on with chalk.


Thanks to the magnetic nature of our enamel surfaces, the product provides practical use and functionality.

Ceramic Steel Surface Options

 The enamel surface of our wall-mounted black steel ceramic enamel lettering is guaranteed for 50 years. Steel plates with enameled steel surfaces do not deteriorate, scratch or glaze even when subjected to all kinds of impacts, fire, and intense sunlight.


Black Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

120×270 cm41 DMN 1227
120×240 cm41 DMN 1224
120×200 cm41 DMN 1220
120×150 cm41 DMN 1215
120×120 cm41 DMN 1212
90×120 cm41 DMN 0912
90×60 cm41 DMN 0906
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