Air Board

Air Board

This board is floating!


This board is floating!


Indispensable for those looking for a combination of functionality and stylishness, the Airboard adds depth to the walls, creating a feeling of being in the air with its special cut and frameless design.


Thanks to its modular structure, it can be combined in large areas for wide use. Thanks to its wide surface, it can be used as a projection screen and it can be used both as a writing board and as a panel thanks to its magnetic enamel surface.

Ceramic Steel Surface Options

The surfaces of all our ceramic steel writing boards are guaranteed for 50 years. Ceramic steel surfaces are resistant to scratch or any kind of damage even when its subjected to impact, flame or extreme sunshine.


White Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

Silk Matte Ceramic Steel – Flat Surface

01 AIR 1230120×300 cm
01 AIR 1227120×270 cm
01 AIR 1224120×240 cm
01 AIR 1220120×200 cm
01 AIR 1215120×150 cm
01 AIR 1212120×120 cm
01 AIR 091290×120 cm
01 AIR 090690×60 cm
01 AIR 1524150×240 cm
01 AIR 1522150×220 cm


02 AIR 1230120×300 cm
02 AIR 1227120×270 cm
02 AIR 1224120×240 cm
02 AIR 1220120×200 cm
02 AIR 1215120×150 cm
02 AIR 1212120×120 cm
02 AIR 091290×120 cm
02 AIR 090690×60 cm
02 AIR 1524150×240 cm
02 AIR 1522150×220 cm


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