Emko Mira Teacher Cabinet

Emko Mira Teacher Cabinet

Emko Mira Teacher’s Cabinet offers teachers to store their belongings quickly, easily and in many different ways.


Innovation in cabinets


The hanger pipe is located in the long-lid compartment. The teacher can hang clothes here.


There is enough space in the cabinet to store all the goods of the teacher.


With the combination lock and standard lock options, the teacher can customize the locker and use it safely.


    165° Degree Hinge

    Door of your cabinets could be opened wider and withstand more powerful impacts thanks to the 165° degree hinge option.


    Combination Lock

    With the combination lock option you can increase your security practically with the password you will set in your cabinets.

    Plastic tray

    The colorful plastic tray option provides a stylish and practical storage space. You can get the details from here.


    Produced in desired color.


    Produced in desired color.

    80x40x180 cmTeacher’s cabinetM-9MS-001


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