Emko Aren Student Locker

Emko Aren Student Locker

Bring your classes to life!

emko aren ogrenci dolabi

Bring your classes to life


Emko Aren Student Locker has an ideal storage area with its large internal volume and offers various alternatives for users with different sizes and different compartment options.

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    165° Degree Hinge

    Door of your cabinets could be opened wider and withstand more powerful impacts thanks to the 165° degree hinge option.


    Combination Lock

    With the combination lock option you can increase your security practically with the password you will set in your cabinets.

    emko aren ogrenci dolabi


    Produced in desired color.



    120x40x160 cm40x40x40 cmfor 12 personM-DAS-S08
    120x40x120 cm40x40x40 cmfor 9 personM-DAS-S09
    80x40x200 cm40x40x40 cmfor 10 personM-DAS-S03
    80x40x160 cm40x40x40 cmfor 8 personM-DAS-S04
    80x40x120 cm40x40x40 cmfor 6 personM-DAS-S05
    40x40x160 cm40x40x40 cmfor 4 personM-DAS-S06
    40x40x120 cm40x40x40 cmfor 3 personM-DAS-S07


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