Emko Line Plus Teacher's Rostrum

Emko Line Plus Teacher’s Rostrum

Classes are now more flexible!


Emko Line+ Teacher’s Rostrum will be the number one preference of your flexible classes, which allows you to adjust the product according to your height. When used with Emko Line+ Student Desks, it will give your class a stylish look.


With the wheel detail, you can easily move your table.


Personalized Rostrum


Emko Line+ rostrum allows users to adjust it freely to their own height thanks to its special mechanism.


Alto Chair complements the product perfectly rendering it more functional when used together.

    On Wheels

    Specially designed frame with integrated wheels will allow users to move it freely.

    Metal Frame

    Manufactured according to metal Ral colors.


    Front Curtain

    Manufactured according to wood color chart.



    Produced as gray compact laminate.

    50×70 cmEmko Line+ Teacher’s RostrumM-3LK-001


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