Emko Line Desk

Emko Line Desk

Classroom revolution starts with Emko Line!


The special wheel system of the Emko Line line allows you to move your desks around comfortably. It is suitable for use in all age groups with different heights.


Are you ready for action?


Why should the classes not change, which are actually the beginning of change in a rapidly changing world? Emko Line desks, which will reach the fast learning ability of the next generation, take their places in the classrooms with their strong build quality and high functionality.

    On Wheels

    Specially designed frame with integrated wheels will allow users to move it freely.

    Plastic Trays

    Consider the plastic tray instead of the standard wire tray for a more functional usage.

    Metal Frame

    Manufactured according to metal Ral colors.


    Front Curtain

    Manufactured according to wood color chart.



    Produced as gray compact laminate.

    No:450×70 cmOne person, Height: 64 cmM-3LS-T04
    No:550×70 cmOne person, Height: 70 cmM-3LS-T05
    No:650×70 cmOne person, Height: 76 cmM-3LS-T06



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